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Have you ever felt that you’re capable of so much more but that something is holding you back?
Are you certain you need to make a change but you’re unsure of where to start?
Meet Brandy
Brandy is much more than a Certified Life Coach. She attended the University of West Florida followed by Antioch University Seattle Graduate School of Psychology. Brandy worked in counseling, case management and social services before deciding that her true calling was in life and relationship coaching.
As a life coach she can teach you how to trust your own decisions, find your strength and change your perspective so that you can overcome the challenges you're facing and live the life you dream about.
She has a passion for supporting people through growth and transitions and a positive attitude that will help you reach your highest potential. Rather than focusing on the problem, she focuses on finding solutions.
​She believes in the possibility of long-lasting, happy relationships, and enjoys helping couples regroup and reconnect so they can work through difficult situations and come out feeling stronger and happier than before.
A mother of 3 and resident of Arizona, Brandy enjoys being super mom, taking photographs, and traveling. She likes to laugh at the little things, find the adventure in every day life, and remembers to sneak away and reconnect with her inner self.
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