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It takes courage and self-awareness to know that you need to ask for help.
Congratulations in taking that first step towards improving yourself!
I specialize in relationships - romantic and others such as parenting, family and, most importantly
your relationship with yourself. As your life and relationship coach I will work with you one-on-one to help you identify what's holding you back and determine the best techniques to help you overcome those difficulties, or as a couple to help you overcome your challenges in your partnership.
In addition, I can help with:
  • Parenting difficulties such as problem behaviors and/or discipline issues, and ADHD
  • Disagreements in parenting styles
  • Exhausted and overwhelmed mothers who always handle everything for everyone and forget to care for themselves
  • Behavior modification for relationship issues such as finding the courage to leave a bad relationship,
working through a difficult time, deciding whether or not the relationship is in your best interest, and strength building skills that prepare you to navigate the difficult issues that pave the road for those bumpy relationships
  • Sexual issues (couples therapy, women's issues, and sex therapy were among my focuses in graduate school).
  • Rebuilding trust in a relationship after acts of infedility, hauntings from the past, or other factors have caused damage
  • Communication issues. Are there issues with listening, feeling heard, mutual respect or pride getting in the way?
During our time we will work on your personal growth, behavior modification, and goal-setting.
I prefer that all initial coaching sessions take place in person, in my office or in a mutually agreed upon location. If you are out of area, a Skype visit will be suitable for this first meeting. Subsequent sessions can occur in the office or by phone, and will be weekly for 45 minutes (or at least 3 times monthly). If you wish to connect with me in between sessions with a challenge or inquiry, we can do so with a short phone call or email, and this is offered at no additional cost.
While sessions are personalized for each individual, they will most likely include:
  • Questions and listening by both of us; offering of challenges and fresh perspectives
  • Clarifying of goals, priorities and passions as well as the barriers keeping you from making progress
  • Developing a personalized plan that will help you achieve your long and short-term goals
  • Guiding you in re-discovering your confidence and creativity
  • Reframing your experiences to provide you with a more positive outlook
  • Getting you unstuck and helping you to not feel overwhelmed
  • Providing feedback on your progress, and sometimes "homework"
Some of you may feel that you are at a more advanced level. You already know what you want but need a little guidance to get there and someone to keep you accountable. I also offer life coaching sessions where we can map out a plan for you to put into practice on your own.
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